sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008


Fran Molina. In 1995 he starts as accompanist and soloist, sharing stage and jazz festivals with musicians like Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Elvin Jones, Jean Luc Ponty, Ray Barreto, Doug Raney, etc. in addition to numerous performances with his trio all over Spain. In 2.001 Middle East tour with Jorge Pardo. In april 2.001 he plays in the International Jazz Festival from Tunisia directing his jazz-flamenco group. During the summer of 2.002 he performs at the Moscow´s jazz festival and Red Sea jazz festival (Israel) sharing stage with musicians as Mike Stern, Spyro Gyra, Freddy Cole, Courney Pine, Gary Bart, Regina Carter or Phil Woods.

In 2.004 "African tour" he performs in Jonannesburg, Pretoria, Cape town, Maputo and Harare with his jazz-flamenco quintet. November 2.004 Middle East tour. Last years he performs and teach masterclasses with his jazz-flamenco group in international jazz festivals as well as theatres in Bolivia, Tanzania, India (for the Bengala´s Gobernator and grandson of Gandhi in Calcuta), Turkey, Germany, Haiti, Athens, Morroco, Gabon, Qatar (for the princess Sheikha Mayassa at the Doha´s National Teatre). International Jazz Festival from Bamako (Malí). 2009
Karaganda (Kazajstán).
2.009 Beirut y Festival jazz lives in Syria (Damasco). 2009 Festival in Volubilis, Morroco. 2.010 Mali, Camerun, Ghana. 2011 Tunisia,.2.013.- London, Charlie Wright´s.-2.013.- Masterclass and concerts in Ghana. French Institute.-2.014.- Concerts and masterclasses in Camerún and Teherán. 2.015.- Teherán.